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Our education service is built on a flexible workshop format allowing specific product knowledge transfer in the context of your business scenario.  The themed workshop approach will not only bolster your understanding of the subject matter but also increase your operational efficiency in implementing and/or further developing the Supportworks ITSM solution. 

Whilst a bespoke set of workshops can be built specifically for your needs, the themed approach allows you to take advantage of well-defined, content-rich packages which span many of the service desk functions and features.



Themed Workshops


Supportworks ITSM Overview

High level review of the functionality available in the latest version of Supportworks ITSM.  This workshop is designed to highlight new functionality and how this can be leveraged to benefit the Service Desk.

An Introduction to the BPM Engine

This introduction to the Business Process Management Engine is designed to explore the many control mechanisms in place to govern Incident, Problem, Change, Service Requests and Release workflow.

Web SelfService and Branding

Learn how to perform basic changes to your SelfService portal to maintain continuity with your branding and elevate the user experience.

Understanding the Supportworks Data Structure

A detailed guide on how the information in Supportworks is structured.  Provides an in-depth look at the Database properties and the main areas which hold critical business information.

How to get the most out of Supportworks reporting

This workshop will guide you through the Supportworks reporting tool. You will gain knowledge on how to build specific reports to measure performance and identify areas for improvement.

Service Catalog – from introduction to production

A workshop to enable you to define what services are offered, the scope that they cover and how to present this into Supportworks to support your processes.

Dashboard and the trending engine

Learn how to display your service desk performance via Supportworks dashboard and trending engine, providing clear and updated data to different levels of users.

Beyond Incident Management (Problem and Change)

This workshop will enable you to explore how to provide meaningful links and associations between calls so that updates and information can be managed effectively 

Managing Assets (CMDB)

This workshop will help you to record your assets and identify relationships within the CMDB. This will provide an understanding on how certain actions/events can potentially impact the services consumed by your customers.

Supportworks Customisation Level 1

This is a hands-on instructor-led course, introducing delegates to the customization options available using Supportworks.  You will gain skills in configuring and maintaining Supportworks, knowledge on configuring the ITSM application, learn how to make changes to form layouts

Supportworks Customisation Level 2

This is a hands-on instructor led course providing delegates with the knowledge and practical experience to configure and customize a Supportworks application. It forms part of a technical development programme for Supportworks Specialists.  You will gain an understanding of development methodology, knowledge of the ESP architecture, Customsie the ITSM application including form design, knowledge of automation including server side events.

VPME I - An Introduction

The Visual Process Management Engine enables licensed users to create advanced back end functionality.  This workshop will enable you to build your first VPME scripts and understand how these can be triggered from existing actions in Supportworks to enhance the functionality offered.  The course is suited to application developers or Supportworks Administrators with a development or infrastructure background needing to use the Hornbill Visual Process Management Editor (VPME).

VPME II - The power behind the engine

This is an instructor led course providing delegates with the knowledge and practical experience to define, adapt and automate business processes within applications on the Supportworks ESP platform. It forms part of a technical development programme for Supportworks Application Developers.



To find out more about any of these workshops, please call +44 (0)20 8582 8266 or contact us .