Hornbill Technologies Accredited for World-Class Security and Data Protection

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Hornbill Technologies Accredited for World-Class Security and Data Protection

November 27th, 2012 — ISO / IEC 27001 Certification Recognises Management and Control of Security Processes and Risks

Hornbill Technologies Ltd. (www.hornbill.com) today announced it has achieved ISO / IEC 27001 certification which underpins and demonstrates its commitment to information security management and control. The certification recognises that all aspects of security is  thoroughly examined and considered, a comprehensive suite of controls are in place to identify unacceptable risks and an overarching continuous improvement  management process is in place to ensure that corrective actions are taken immediately as required.  Customers and partners can be assured that Hornbill’s cloud services are independently checked and are verifiable against the globally recognised standard for information and security management and control.  Further details of Hornbill’s security accreditations can be seen here: https://trust.hornbill.net/accreditations/

“First and foremost, we want to offer world class cloud services and security is our highest priority: this accreditation is a vital step toward that goal,” said Gerry Sweeney, Founder and CEO, Hornbill Technologies. “Achieving this certification is just the baseline of our capability. We take security very seriously and we are now at the stage where information and security management practice is engrained in our DNA. With the confidence that comes from knowing our processes are accredited, we can ensure that our security and other practices remain current and strong in the ever evolving cloud and technology landscape.”

The ISO / IEC 27001 standards formally specify a management system that is intended to bring information security under explicit management control: this includes risks from weak firewalls to data protection and backup. In order to comply, organisations must move away from disjointed security systems and strategies that have been implemented as needed, with little overarching design. Instead, management teams must systematically examine the organisation’s security exposure, design security controls to address unacceptable risks and adopt an overarching process that ensures these security controls can meet the organisation’s needs on an on-going basis.

In order to achieve certification, Hornbill built on its existing best practice approach but focused its attention on all aspects of security, including physical access; infrastructure security; data encryption; staff training and vetting; regular independent security audits; and independent penetration testing. Hornbill also made significant enhancements to its cloud services, including high-availability distributed infrastructure, near real-time data replication; emergency re-provisioning and disaster recovery into an alternative cloud provider, in this case Amazon EC2; numerous layers of security lock-downs and data encryption. Staff training formed a significant part of the process, making tasks such as data handling, encryption in motion and at rest, access authorisation and intrusion monitoring and detection second nature to the cloud services team.

“Although the focus was on our cloud services, we also made many changes and improvements to our Supportworks ESP platform software for improving security,” added Gerry Sweeney. “Since we work from a single code base, these improvements are also carried over to our on-premises products. From beginning to end, the hard work put in by our cloud team and partners has made achieving this certification as simple and straightforward as it could be. Now our task is to maintain and build on this high level.”

About Hornbill Technologies Ltd

A member of the Hornbill Group of companies, Hornbill Technologies Ltd engages in product research and development and new business incubation.Hornbill Technologies is currently focused on the development of its next-generation social-collaboration Enterprise Services Platform.It is also the service providers for Hornbill’s SaaS, APaaS and PaaS services to Hornbill’s customers, other companies in the Hornbill Group along with Hornbill’s partner ecosystem. One of Hornbill Technologies’ mainstays is the Supportworks ESP which is the underlying platform for the award winning and global market leading Supportworks service desk software.Supportworks is used by customers around the world for any IT Service Management, Customer Service or Business Support requirement.

About Hornbill

Hornbill’s IT Service Management solutions empower Service Delivery Teams to deliver truly customer-centric service and drive greater operational efficiency, enabling them to increase customer satisfaction and do more with the same resources.

Supportworks applications can be deployed as a cloud-based solution using myservicedesk.com or On-Premise. Ease of use for both service desk analysts and business users ensures customers are able to quickly deliver business value through rapid deployment and adoption of Self-Service, automation, proactive problem management and innovative knowledge management features. Unique ‘Human Touch’ features improve the service experience, putting people at the heart of the Service Desk.

Hornbill solutions include ITIL-compatible IT Service Management (ITSM)IT Helpdesk, Human Resources, Facilities Management and Customer Services, with the flexibility to build additional service desks at minimal extra cost.

Customers include: Buckinghamshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Camelot, Greggs, Kent County Council, Knight Frank, London Borough of Merton, London School of Economics, Natural History Museum, The National Archives, Toyota Motorsport and University of Portsmouth.

Hornbill was founded in 1995 and has its Head Office in London. For more information about Hornbill’s service management solutions please visit www.hornbill.com.

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