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Case Study – Calyx


Calyx uses Hornbill Supportworks to transform customer satisfaction


Calyx  Managed  Services  (Calyx)  is  an  independent  managed  service  provider (MSP) that serves mid-sized organisations in the UK. Calyx delivers a service portfolio that combines network infrastructure, technology, applications and expertise. Supporting both cloud and on premise deployment, these services are designed to enable customers to transform their business at a suitable pace of change. Considered a trusted authority in its field, Calyx advises on all areas of IT Infrastructure including industry trends and how they impact their customers. The company employs around 250 staff and supports more than 1,000 public and private sector customers from its three UK offices.


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As an MSP, Calyx needs to guarantee near-flawless service to its customers: if it cannot provide this, its business could suffer as both existing and potential customers lack trust in its capabilities. As a result, ISO accreditation of Calyx’s processes and services was essential in order to attract and retain customers.

At the same time, Calyx needed to provide 24-hour support 365 days a year to a variety of customers. In order to maintain its services at this level and support its journey towards ISO accreditation Calyx implemented Hornbill’s Supportworks ESP and ITSM Platform following a market review in 2008. The implementation proved so successful that, starting in 2011, Calyx ran a service transformation project to overhaul its Service Management framework around a shared and dedicated service desk operation delivering a consistent approach to service improvement.



Using Supportworks, Calyx has been able to attain ISO accreditation, cementing its credentials as a UK leading MSP and proving the consistently high level of service it provides to its customers. It has also consolidated its various support, service and business desks into one National Operational Service Centre, allowing Calyx to integrate its processes and ensure all customers have the same service experience.


ISO20000 Accreditation Provides Guarantee of IT Services to Customers

Using Supportworks, Calyx has been able to deliver best practice IT Service Management and consequently have been awarded ISO20000 accreditation. This, in addition to ISO27000 and ISO9001 accreditation, is testament to their company-wide dedication to customer service.


Automation of Tasks Frees up Time and Helps Provide Flexible Support Options

Calyx has used Supportworks to automate relatively simple IT service tasks, such as resetting passwords and monitoring service availability. Its service team now spends 25% less time on these actions, freeing them for other tasks such as improving the level of service Calyx provides. By automating standard tasks that will be offered to all customers Calyx can also more cost-effectively offer a range of IT support options, from a one-size-fits-all helpdesk to support services custom-designed for specific customers.


Integrated Service Desks Expand Ways in Which Calyx can Help Customers

Calyx has used Supportworks ITSM to consolidate its support, service and business desks into one Operational Service Centre. From this one operation it can not only provide IT support but also manage customer accounts and deliver professional services. Calyx can now provide customers  with  a  consistent  experience  across  all  of their services while reducing the variety and complexity of tasks its service team performs. This has improved productivity by 20% and retained customer satisfaction at near 100%.


Integration with Accounting and Billing will Increase Transparency

Calyx is also integrating Supportworks with its accounting and billing functions. This will allow it to offer customers greater transparency in the way services are delivered and purchased in relation to SLAs. Moreover, customers can now have greater confidence that Calyx will deliver exactly what they are paying for.


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At a glance




Managed Service Provider


Supportworks ESP and ITSM Platform


Supportworks has helped Calyx guarantee ISO20000 accreditation through providing a consistent, verifiable level of IT service. Calyx is also using Supportworks to consolidate its service desks, providing customers with a reliable level of service across all their interactions


- ISO 20000 accreditation provides proof of service quality to prospective and existing customers

- Automation of key tasks drives productivity and reliability across different support options

- Integrating service desks provides customers with a coherent experience and makes it easier for service teams to manage workload

- Supportworks integration with accounting and billing processes will provide greater transparency on costs and SLAs for customers

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