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Case Study – MDIS


The Hornbill Cloud helps MDIS Services assure 100% reliability for customers


MDIS Services provides helpdesk support, field engineering, installation and training services in 13 European countries from offices situated across Europe and North Africa. It focuses on the Quick Service, Informal Eating Out, Retail and Hospitality sectors: customers include McDonald’s Restaurants, Auchan Supermarkets, KFC, Subway and Pizza Hut. Its technical team is divided across seven different countries throughout Europe and Asia and has around 50 support analysts; providing IT services and support to a total of 160 employees throughout the organisation, as well as customers worldwide.


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MDIS Services adopted Hornbill’s Supportworks ITSM Enterprise in 2009. Prior to this it had been using multiple helpdesk solutions in separate parts of the business, which resulted in extra complexity and a lack of consistency when looking to support IT services across the entire organisation. Since MDIS wished to remain a customer-focused business, it did not want to spend resources managing the solution in-house: instead it deployed Supportworks as a managed service hosted by a third-party provider.

However, this implementation still required MDIS’s technical staff to manage the software: including data protection, upgrading, configuration, security and day to day monitoring. Since the hosting was not under MDIS’s direct control there were also occasional issues with reliability and performance which the organisation could not confidently predict or deal with. When Hornbill introduced the Hornbill Cloud – a new, fully managed application hosting service for Supportworks – in 2011, MDIS realised that this could help with both of their hosting problems and switched the hosting of Supportworks to the Hornbill Cloud.



MDIS was able to migrate seamlessly to the Hornbill Cloud. As a result, its support team could continue providing the best service possible to their customers with no interruptions, using the tried and tested tools, skills and processes they were used to. At the same time, by providing Supportworks as a service directly Hornbill can guarantee a level of service and performance that was not possible from a third party; meaning MDIS can concentrate on the most important task of serving and supporting its customers. Peace of mind is assured as the Hornbill Cloud is fully accredited to the highest standards.


Seamless, cost-effective migration to new service

As an existing customer, MDIS had already purchased licenses for the Supportworks application.  The managed hosting service Hornbill provides is designed to allow existing customers to take full advantage of cloud services while also getting full benefit from the investment they have already made in Supportworks.

Hornbill surveyed the existing Supportworks environment, performed data migration and data transfer tests, analysed usage and in conjunction with MDIS created a migration plan with minimal impact on the support team,  After testing and review a live migration was carried out, seamlessly transferring users to the newly deployed service without a hitch.


Users can maintain service levels and best practices

From the user viewpoint, there was no perceptible difference between the previous implementation and MDIS’s newly hosted Supportworks; the only changes are improved performance and reliability. With a transparent migration and switchover, users could continue using the best practices and support tools that they had come to rely upon since first beginning to use Supportworks.


Freedom to focus on core business

Hornbill has taken full ownership and responsibility of the day to day running of the Supportworks application as well as all on-going support and service issues. MDIS have a simple portal for monitoring the activity, resource utilisation and availability data. With Hornbill’s specialists responsible for everything from performance monitoring to backup, and with no service glitches to manage, MDIS’s support team are now free to focus on their real job: providing the best possible service to their customers.


High reliability for consistent service

With the existing service, MDIS’s previous provider’s hosted infrastructure could go down for hours at a time, leaving staff struggling to meet commitments to customers. Since Hornbill took responsibility for hosting Supportworks in the Hornbill Cloud it has been 100% reliable, with no downtime impacting business operations Feedback from customers since the migration has been extremely positive, while MDIS has also had to rely less on Hornbill’s own support team to solve issues with the service.


Excellent performance means satisfied customers

MDIS’s previous hosting service could often result in a slow call-handling process, with customers unsure whether the call had been logged successfully due to delays in sending and receiving confirmation. Since using the Hornbill Cloud solution  performance  has  improved  significantly, making life easier for support desk staff and customers alike, and improving productivity.


A comprehensive solution

Since Hornbill is dedicated to running Supportworks, everything from the infrastructure design, storage layout, operating system and virtual server environment, as well as data replication and backup systems, is built for one purpose: to run Supportworks and run it well. With all facets of the service, from monitoring and network operations to support and upgrades controlled by the creator of Supportworks, MDIS can be sure that its service provider is best suited to supporting and maintaining its service.


Accreditation and best practice secure peace of mind

MDIS has peace of mind that both Supportworks and the organisation hosting it are certified and accredited to meet the demands of the business. Supportworks supports full ITIL best practice, meaning MDIS’s support team knows it is giving an excellent service to its customers. Hornbill is IEC/ISO27001 certified and runs SSA16 certified data centres which  provide  secure,  world-class  cloud  services  with 24×7 support. Historical availability data (https://trust. demonstrates that Hornbill is consistently achieving better than 99.9% service availability.


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At a glance




IT services


Supportworks ITSM Enterprise hosted in the Hornbill Cloud


A managed, hosted service offering 100% reliability


- Seamless, cost-effective migration

- Users maintain service levels and best practices

- Freedom to focus on core business

- Freedom to focus on core business

- High reliability for consistent service

- Excellent performance means satisfied customers

- A comprehensive solution

- Accreditation and best practice secure peace of mind

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