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Case Study – SThree


SThree embraces BYOD, powered by Hornbill’s Supportworks


SThree is an international staffing and recruitment company, operating from 64 offices in 20 countries worldwide. The company runs offices in North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia, with over 2,200 IT users.

Staff across the globe need constant access to services such as recruitment software, telephony, virtual desktops and increasingly require access when on the go; working remotely or travelling between client meetings.


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SThree originally used a work management system developed in-house for its ITSM needs. As the company grew, this system could no longer cope with the increased IT demands, encouraging SThree to adopt specialist IT Service Management software that would enable the adoption of ITIL best practice.

Hornbill’s Supportworks ITSM Enterprise came to SThree’s attention through the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the IT Service Desk: more in-depth investigation and testing proved that it was the best ITSM solution in the market for the company’s needs. SThree implemented Supportworks in September 2011: initially used for request and incident management, its use was quickly expanded to cover problem and change management. The system now handles over 3000 requests and incidents every month.

In 2012, SThree also implemented a BYOD policy to allow its workers greater flexibility and use of personal mobile devices.  Using Supportworks as the underlying IT Service Management platform, SThree’s ‘Good Messaging’ initiative delivered mail and calendar services to approved user’s personal devices – the approval and provisioning automated to ensure rapid delivery to every location globally.



Supportworks has proved instrumental in helping SThree roll out BYOD for its workers worldwide. Using authorised apps and managing activation via Supportworks, SThree was able to provision 1,100 devices in only 2 weeks. New applications for automated BYOD services can be approved and activated within 10 minutes irrespective of time zone or location.

At the same time, the Supportworks self-service portal has allowed SThree to streamline ITSM and support for all employees: with 50% of all requests made over the intranet portal, this has a huge impact on efficiency. SThree is also better able to monitor user engagement and feedback, as well as expanding Supportworks’ use across IT and back-office functions.


BYOD Project Gets Off The Ground Quickly:

In order to support workers who needed email and other applications on the move, SThree’s BYOD project had to cover 1,100 workers or around 50% of the total IT-using workforce. By using Supportworks to manage and support the roll-out of relevant applications to users, SThree was able to automate the activation of devices over a short time period without any impact on support.


App-Based Roll-out Accelerates Activation

SThree’s BYOD implementation is based on authorised apps. Without the need to support hardware as well as software, roll-out to a new device is streamlined through Supportworks: a worker’s iPhone, iPad or Android can be approved and activated within 10 minutes, wherever its user is. This allows SThree’s workers to be ready and working at extremely short notice whether they are in San Diego, Sao Paolo, Sydney or Singapore.


Faster Approval Means Faster Workers:

Supportworks has helped SThree streamline the approval process for requests such as system and mailbox access. By automating processes in such requests and providing them via a self-service portal requests can be approved and put into effect more quickly, reducing resolution time by days.


Self-Service Portal Reduces Strain On Support Team:

Deploying Self-service through the Supportworks Customer Portal has helped SThree reduce the pressure on its first-line support team. Currently over 50% of support requests are made via the intranet, meaning that Supportworks’ ability to streamline and simplify the process has a huge effect both on the support team and on customers.


Worker Engagement And Feedback Increased:

Supportworks allows SThree to better monitor customer engagement and feedback. Policy documents can be rolled out using Supportworks for workers to read and return: as a result, SThree can ensure documents are read and increase its accountability, governance and compliance. Thanks to the flexibility of the email templates and customer portal SThree has been able to boost customer feedback by 2000%.


ITIL Processes Are Built-In:

Supportworks is designed to support ITIL best practice. As a result, SThree can be confident that when it is supporting its workers and providing IT services, it is following processes that have been adapted to best suit the company and its workers.


Supportworks Provides Foundations For Further Expansion:

The capability and flexibility of Supportworks means SThree can continue to expand how it uses the software across its business.  It  is  already implementing  event  management and will also use Supportworks to streamline its back office functions, by applying the proven management processes and practices Supportworks has provided.


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At a glance






Supportworks ITSM Enterprise


Enabling users greater flexibility and access to services via BYOD


- Devices approved and activated in 10 minutes

- Self-Service reduces pressure on first-line support

- ITIL best practice gives peace of mind

- Flexibility and scale of Supportworks enables further extension of services

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