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Case Study – Toyota Motorsport

Toyota Motorsport revs up its IT support with Hornbill Supportworks ITSM Enterprise


Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) is a unique, high-performance engineering, manufacturing and testing facility based in Cologne, Germany. A wholly owned subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation, it offers its services to members of the Toyota family, as well as external clients, including Formula 1 racing teams.



As a highly specialised technology environment, the success of Toyota Motorsport’s operations relies upon its IT infrastructure. Before Supportworks was implemented, confidence in the service desk had reached an all time low as the IT department increasingly found that they were unable to track equipment and didn’t have the right systems to provide adequate support to users.

At the time the service desk had been using a BMC Remedy system, but found that they had to buy consulting time to make basic changes to processes and reports, which was costly and time-consuming. In addition, the software was not user friendly and the service desk team was reluctant to use it.

Having shortlisted four solutions, Toyota Motorsport decided to implement Hornbill’s Supportworks ITSM Enterprise for its service desk, using the system for incident, change, problem and configuration management.


Toyota Motorsport has three types of Supportworks ITSM users – the analysts on the service desk, managers using the reports and analysis features, and customers using the SelfService portal. The IT Service desk has analysts that access Supportworks to log and resolve calls.

Ease of Implementation

The implementation took just six weeks – with just one member of Toyota Motorsport’s team focused on the project, with an additional five days of consulting services from Hornbill. According to Toyota Motorsport,

Remedy would have required six months of professional consulting services and three or four times the resources to upgrade, in order for it to offer the same capability.

Significant cost savings

As well as the savings achieved through ease of implementation, maintenance costs have been cut by
80% and a reduction in hardware footprint and database requirements lowered costs by a further 90% compared to the previous solution.

Reduced response times and SLAs improve customer satisfaction

Since the implementation, the IT team has improved its service, reducing its response time by 50% despite logging an increased number of calls. Service level agreements (SLAs) also provide a way to measure performance; 93% of calls now meet SLAs compared to
80% previously.

Improved ITIL processes reduce system downtime

Supportworks is used for incident management, change management, problem management and configuration management. Since deploying Supportworks,
change management processes have been overhauled and as a result it is now implemented to a much higher quality. Supportworks gives more control, so changes are implemented right first time, and these improved procedures have reduced system downtime.

SelfService offers more to users

Supportworks customer SelfService is used extensively by the end users. As well as being used for logging
and tracking calls, it also provides an inventory, asset allocation information, and mobile phone usage details. The IT department is responsible for the mobile phones and using the portal in this way makes it easier to manage costs.

Improved reporting aids cost management

The reporting functionality within Supportworks has enabled Toyota Motorsport to make significant cost savings through improved decision making and asset management. Managers are able to run their own reports easily (where previously consultants were required to prepare them), and they are able to drill down to their specific data. The data has been used to realign processes to make efficiencies.

Centralised data underpins IT systems

For Toyota Motorsport, one of the most important aspects of Supportworks ITSM is that it is central to its
IT infrastructure. It collects data from the HR database, Active Directory, Vodafone, and from a Novell asset lifecycle management system, as well as a monitoring system MS SCOM that alerts Supportworks if the server has a problem.
Prior to Supportworks, an inventory could take up to four months with one person assigned to it full time.
Now a full inventory can be completed in less than three weeks and takes just 5 minutes for each employee. In addition, 98% of the devices are now found, compared
to 85% previously.

At a glance


Toyota Motorsport




Supportworks ITSM Enterprise with Self Service


Replacement of competitor's solution, BMC Remedy


- Ease of implementation
- Significant cost savings
- Reduced response times
- Improved customer satisfaction
- Improved ITIL processes reduce system downtime
- Self Service offers more to users
- Improved reporting aids cost management
- Centralised data underpins IT systems

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