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Powerful automation for Facilities Management

The FM service desk is the central point of contact for building users to raise issues about their working environment; its interactions must be managed and recorded accurately. The answer is to adopt proven service management principles supported by process-driven software.

That’s what you get with Supportworks FM Service Desk, a full business process solution for all areas of FM. With it, service desk staff deal efficiently, comprehensively and consistently with customer Incidents and service requests – whether internal or external. Reports can be received via telephone, email, or via the self-service logging facility via the website.



Incident logging

Log incidents that require immediate attention such as leaks, as well as damage or breakages needing less urgent repairs. 

Service requests

Manage requests for standard FM services such as meeting room bookings and catering for events. (These requests can also be captured through the self-service portal.) Automate prioritization and tracking of requests, and get a complete audit trail.


Follow an easy business process to ensure tasks needed to carry out a request or deal with an incident are performed at the right time. Authorization is requested automatically if required and the process flow adjusted accordingly.


Allocate work required by an incident or service request – or to enable planned maintenance – between several specialist teams. Manage and coordinate all the individual tasks from a single screen.

Managing spaces

Maintain details of spaces such as rooms and communal areas, and link them to individual requests to facilitate work sequencing. You can associate a space with an asset, and make special provisions for hazardous materials within a particular space.

Planned maintenance activities

Set up and schedule regular checks and other preventative activities. The resulting tasks are assigned automatically to the relevant team who can indicate when they are complete.


Record hierarchical relationships between assets to improve the way you support and repair systems in complex environments.


Reduce your workload and improve customer satisfaction by providing a portal for employees to log request, check resource availability and get instant answers to a range of questions and needs.

Management information

Analyze trends and patterns in facilities and resource usage to help you optimize efficiency and forecast future needs.


Integrate with PDAs and other handheld devices for a coordinated field response.

Ease of use

Supportworks FM Service Desk is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Request forms are easy and quick to complete and managing call queues is intuitive and straightforward.