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New levels of HR efficiency

Adopting service management principles can streamline many HR activities and processes. Use Supportworks HR Service Desk to automate routine tasks so your HR or payroll team can focus on improving service quality and customer satisfaction.

With this powerful tool, HR staff can log and process colleagues’ requests efficiently, comprehensively and consistently. The system’s ease of use means new users become highly productive with minimal training.

Supportworks HR Service Desk is a Windows-based service desk application with an intuitive interface supported by comprehensive case management features. All the features below, and more, come as standard. 



HR case management

With instant visibility of the type and number of requests made by business users, HR can prioritize, set colleague expectations, and allocate resources effectively. There’s a full audit trail.

HR workflow

Manage workflow to ensure effective and efficient running of the department. Improve task allocation and promote good customer service, and hence employee satisfaction. 

Case activity view

The whole HR team sees a single shared schedule, enabling them to provide a more streamlined service to employees. 

Management information

Access information and create reports for a variety of management purposes. There’s a report wizard for you to create and amend your own reports.

Performance management

An intuitive interface gives immediate visibility of your department’s progress on queries and cases. 


Customers get access to the service desk via a self-service portal, where they can log, view, and update cases and queries. They can also review calls that are waiting to be authorized, and provide feedback on service quality. Managers can view and authorize calls from their team.

Service level management

HR can escalate a case if it hasn’t met its response time, or looks as if it may not. Service level management is controlled by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and associated priorities. You can keep in touch with the customer affected via Supportworks Messenger or email. 


Comply with Data Protection laws by keeping employees’ personal information in a secure, on-line environment. Filter sensitive data or system elements based on user roles and use access rights to safeguard confidentiality of case records. 

HR-friendly terminology

The use of familiar HR terms on our screens ensures rapid acceptance. 


An open database schema, web services APIs, and flexible data import and integration options… features like these make it easy to integrate HR Service Desk with your other applications or to share data with them.