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All the service desk software your business needs

Supportworks brings you the ideal combination of business process automation, functionality and flexibility. It’s a comprehensive ITIL-compatible application that satisfies most requirements out of the box.

Fully integrated processes and support templates mean you can rapidly adopt key components of the service lifecycle. If you don’t need all the disciplines immediately, just switch them off until you’re ready.

Supportworks has the flexibility to support any service desk requirement: HR and FM applications are available. which means you can run all your service desks on a single platform, eliminating duplicated effort, reducing hardware and software costs, and simplifying support. 

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We need a cost effective, best practice service desk, available fast

With Supportworks ITSM Enterprise PRO, you can:

  • Provide first-class incident management to help maintain user productivity
  • Reduce recurring incidents and fire-fighting with problem management
  • Measure service level performance to highlight strengths and weaknesses
  • Adopt basic change management processes
  • Integrate with corporate email to improve customer communication
  • Deploy self-service to free up IT resources for more proactive activities
  • Determine your baseline for ongoing improvement
  • Users can access the application through a windows client, web client (with any of the leading browsers) or analyst mobile portal. This adds up to ease of use, choice and flexibility

We need some help to implement and customize the service desk application for specific requirements but then can manage the solution ourselves

Supportworks ITSM Enterprise EXPERT gives your staff the freedom to tailor the application. They'll be able to:

  • Everything in Supportworks ITSM Enterprise PRO +
  • Configure myservicedesk.com to match your ITSM processes
  • Tailor the solution to meet changing business needs
  • Integrate it with other enterprise applications
  • Manage system updates and upgrades
  • Create multiple business service desks
  • Customizable forms
  • With training your team will be comfortable managing Supportworks ITSM Enterprise themselves

We need a powerful service support platform giving us the flexibility to use an out-of-the-box solution or build our own business applications

Supportworks ITSM Enterprise gives you:

  • Everything in Supportworks ITSM Enterprise EXPERT +
  • 4 integrated shared mailboxes
  • Visual Process Management Engine (optional with EXPERT)
  • Access to developer environment
  • Inclusive platform developer environment
  • Advanced web services API
  • Access to ITSM application source code
  • Our purpose built products provide the ideal platform to grow - and they-re backed by our excellent customer support