SaaS: getting past the hype

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SaaS: getting past the hype


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Get past the hype – seven questions to ask ITSM vendors about their SaaS solutions

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment promises great things for the service desk and the anticipated benefits have never been more relevant. With a focus on budgets and resources, organisations are looking for:

  • Capex reductions through a subscription payment model
  • Deployment methods that reduce the cost and resources needed for upgrades
  • Capability and flexibility out of the box, to enable faster deployment

All these market drivers point to SaaS, and a number of vendors are offering it. But behind the hype, there are dramatic differences in the extent to which ITSM products fulfill the SaaS promise. Here we offer some questions we suggest you ask potential vendors. Their answers will help you work out which solution is right for you and ensure your SaaS project is a success.

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