Smart Guide: first steps to ITIL

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Smart Guide: first steps to ITIL


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A straightforward approach to ensure your first steps to ITIL quickly deliver measurable benefits

As with any improvement programme, you must master the basics first, then progress at a realistic and sensible pace.

The IT Infrastructure Library, (commonly referred to as ITIL) certainly can help you improve ITSM performance, but first you need to establish your starting position, understand what you want to achieve, and set realistic goals. However, suddenly expecting the IT function to define it’s complete ITIL strategy is unrealistic.

A much better approach is to identify your day-to-day pain points and then adopt ITIL in a way that targets them. We call this approach ‘bite-size’ ITIL. The thinking behind our approach is that ITSM improvement initiatives tend to encounter a number of obstacles. Experience tells us that a good way to avoid these obstacles is to focus on a few ‘bite-size’ ITIL processes rather than the whole library. Our research shows that these few processes on their own provide most of the improvements which organisations are typically looking for.

This guide suggests seven straightforward steps to make sure ITIL quickly delivers measurable benefits. Your IT department won’t achieve world class standard immediately, but it will soon be performing much better than it is now.

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